Mild shock demo

This script demonstrates the code to include in a script for a behavioural assay, such as aversion learning, that involves delivering a mild shock to fish.


Script explanation

INCLUDE ZSYS                            
DEFINE ITI 5                            
DEFINE TRIALS 3                        
ACTION MAIN                             
ACTION SHOCK                            

This script demonstrates how you can include mild shock in a behavioural assay for zebrafish:

  • For setup instructions see the AD Tutorial, Pavlovian aversion learning.
  • The shocking plates must be plugged in to socket CN5 at the read of the AD unit.
  • In Action Shock you will see the voltage level is set at 9000 - the highest this can go is 10000
  • After the unit waits for a predefined time, the unit generates a 70ms pulse.

Script download

Here you can download the mild shock demo script as a .zs file. Right click on the download link below and download / save the file as a zanscript file, i.e. in the same format: mild_shock_demo.zs. Remember that the mild shock plates must be plugged in to the CN5 socket located at the top rear of the AD unit.

Script download: mild_shock_demo.zs