Getting started

This section provides new users with a set of run through tasks to familiarise them with the unit. We recommend that users conduct this run through after they have set up the Zantiks unit and familiarised themselves with the Zantiks Console (the unit's home page) and the Zanscripts & uploading services functions.


Familiarise yourself with the unit

The Zantiks unit comes loaded with several test scripts, and more are available on the website, or direct from Zantiks (send your enquiry via email to Each of these test scripts will show you features of the unit, test the features are working properly and show you examples of how to write scripts.

Some of these test scripts will require assets, check that any assets that are included can be found in the Assets Directory folder (which is found under the Administration section on the Home page).

Download each image to check it is correctly loaded. Descriptions of some of the sample assets are provided below.

  1. To start to familiarise yourself with the unit, 
    1. With the AD unit: first insert the testing tank into the recessed area above the screen in the system (ensure it slots down).
    2. With the MWP unit: insert the MultiWell plate into the recessed area above the screen in the system (ensure is slots down)
  2. Go into the Live Video page from the link on the homepage. You should be able to see the live image of the tank within the unit.
  3. Click the Capture Image button. This will take a still image of the camera’s view.
  4. You can find the image in the Media Directory by going to the home page and clicking the Media Directory link in the bottom left corner in the Administration section.
  5. Clicking on the file named “capture.jpg” located at the top of this page will open the image you have just captured.
  6. It is advisable to delete this image as you don’t need it.

    • With the AD unit: You can configure the various inserts inside the tank and take pictures to see the many ways the tank can be set up.

Create new services

To create new services from the test scripts you will need to upload the zanscripts as services, if they haven't already been uploaded into a service slot. Instructions about this, and writing scripts, are included in the Zanscripts & services manual. 

A variety of test scripts are available from the support section of the website. These test scripts demonstrate how the commands work together to track and output behavioural data. You should run these scripts to help familiarise yourself with the features of the scripts and how to edit various aspects of the commands.